Leasing Services

Our organisation’s Sales, Leasing, Investments and Auction Division holds an enviable track record.

To meet the needs of the Division’s diverse client base, an outstanding team possessing the professional skills, knowledge and market perception works out of the company’s Parramatta City Office.

How will we lease your property


The Bawdens Name

This provides one of the very highest lease platforms available in the Sydney industrial market.

Accurate Property Evaluations

We complete a transaction every working day of every year and this provides our clients access to our specialist transaction database which ensures pricing accuracy and success.

Agent Escorted Inspections

Every property is only ever inspected in the presence of our negotiators.

Customised Property Marketing

We utilise our specialist publications to ensure we reach our clients target audience every time.

Timely Information

We provide you continuous feedback throughout the lease process.

Pre qualification

Our skilled negotiators assure you of the best possible lease price every time.

Where Do We Advertise?

Our flexibility to customise our advertising campaigns to suit a particular property means we can ensure your property’s benefits are delivered to those targeted lessors who will pay the highest rental to you.

Why list with Bawdens?


We Feature Your Property On Our Hardworking Website

Bawdens.com.au is one of the largest specialist industrial real estate websites in Australia. Your property will also be featured on two of the most prominent commercial and industrial general property websites in Australia. You are guaranteed maximum internet presence in real time.

Bawdens Means Maximum Exposure

Commencing with accurate pricing strategies and distribution to the entire agency community, Bawdens do more than any other company to lease your property. Through our website, customised industrial property marketing, exceptional local market coverage and regional signboard dominance, including our powerful market reputation we are constantly providing our clients the edge in maximum property exposure.


Expertise in our Market

We realise that we all live in a time of instant information. Buyers are therefore more informed than ever. The best results are available when you put to work our ability to do a lot of things well. Amongst the most important of these is the ability to provide you up to the minute specialist lease data.

We Get The News of Your Property Out Fast

We do this by utilising our specialist market database of lessors and investors as required.

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