Asset Management

Our specialised services currently control a diverse portfolio of properties, including:

Small, medium sized and large, freestanding and duplex style buildings;
Multi tenanted complexes, characterised by age and location with a diversity of unit areas from 90 square metres to in excess of 5,000 square metres;
Whole industrial estates with income streams in excess of $2,000,000 per annum.
With such a broad array of industrial property we have the capacity to provide a tailored service to meet the individual requirements of a single owner to a large institution.

Our Asset Managers are constantly and closely working with the Sales and Leasing, Investment and Auction Sales Division. Such liaison ensures minimisation of vacancy and therefore continuity of investment cash flow.

Providing a fundamental service our management operation includes:

Collection and accounting of rentals.
Monthly disbursements tailored to individual instructions, as required.
Lease administration, rent review negotiation and, as required, execution of works by tenants.
Outgoings collection, payment and administration.
Detailed regular property inspections, with annual reports.
Repairs/maintenance and building alterations arranged through our close association with Architects, Engineers and qualified trades persons.
Computerised statement issue permitting simplified owner accounting procedures.
Tenant Vacating Notice

Please complete the following form.

    Information Regarding Vacating

    1. Make Good* – You will be required to carry out a make good in accordance with the lease and htis will need to be completed prior to the vacating date.
    2. Obligations Prior To Vacating – If your lease has an option period, it will advise that it should be exercised within a certain period. If you require assistance in determining this, please call our office. A letter will be sent to you upon giving notice and this will highlight your obligations under the lease. All items need to be carried out prior to the final inspection so if you have any queries regarding anything noted, please contact our office to discuss.
    3. Return Keys –  ALL keys, swipe cards, remotes etc need to be handed in on the vacating date to avoid further rent being charged.
    4. Payment of All Outstanding Monies – Please ensure all outstanding monies are paid prior to your vacating date.
    5. Return of Bond / Bank Guarantee* – Once all requirements have been completed we will seek owner approval to release any funds being held. If you would like these funds deposited into your account please provide your account details.

    * Note the above points are a guide only and are subject to your actual lease and individual owner.

    Notification of Lease Intentions
    Please complete the following form.

      Information Regarding a New Lease or Option

      1. New Lease – If you are requesting a new lease please advise the length of lease you require as well as any changes or special conditions you may like to add/delete.
      2. Exercise of Option – If your lease has an option period, it will advise that it should be exercised within a certain period. If you require assistance in determining this, please call our office.
      3. Special Conditions – If you would like to add to your lease, please note your request above and this will be submitted to the owner/s for their consideration.
      Repair Request Form
      Please complete the following form.

        General Information Regarding Repairs

        1. Who is Responsible – Under a commercial lease, some repairs are the responsibility of the tenant. If when we receive this request this is the case, we will contact you and let you know.
        2. Obligation of Tenant – Under the lease you are required to notify this office of any repairs as soon as possible. Failure to report issues may result in the cost of additional damage being charged to the tenant.
        3. Access – Whilst we encourage our contractors to try and call you first, this will not always happen and so if your office/warehouse is not open during normal business hours, please highlight this above.
        4. Follow Up – We endeavour to have repairs carried out with a few days so if after 4 days a contractor has not attended, please contact our office so we can follow this up.
        5. Tenant Repairs – If you are responsible for any repairs within the property, you can use any suitably qualified contractor you like to carry out the work. Please note that a copy of the invoice for repair may be requested to clarify this.

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