Bawdens are one of Sydney’s largest managers of SME (Small Medium Enterprise) assets for private investors in Sydney. Today the leading, best practice methodologies utilised by leading Asset Managers such as Bawdens are rapidly evolving. 


These evolving changes in practice are resulting in investor assets lasting longer, through reduced obsolescence. We asked the Senior Asset Management team at Bawdens to identify how they achieve this in 2021 for clients. 


The impact of climate change is accelerating profound and required changes in the type of thinking and so approach pro-active managers adopt. Today every management activity undertaken is completed with a view to ensuring all investment reduces future energy consumption where possible, while providing increased safety and amenity for the occupant. 


When possible they increasingly work closely with consultants to identify predictable future works schedules. 


The programmed works typically include a high level of detail. For example roof maintenance programs include screw and sealing joint replacement to extend roof material life. Energy efficiency increases through replacement of skylights and installation of LED efficient administrative and warehouse area lighting. 


Insurance cost premium and energy management through rewiring ageing electrical distribution boards is also common. 


Frequent building plant and machinery servicing to ensure maximum design life is achieved is also an ongoing objective. 


Today, Asset Managers who implement predictive maintenance schedules ensuring works are completed before failure are enhancing asset life and minimising climate change impact from the use of the building.

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